Health Astrology

Many of the people who come to Priya Gumber Ji is to get solution on their health concerns. But also to note is that people don’t normally go to an astrologer for health problems unless they receive a divine kind of treatment on their ailment.

The health problems solution preferred through astrology is disembarking the negative impacts of the dark enchantment with respect to the case by spelling an enchantment. Since these enchantments come from other worldly powers, the forces involved in contain a characteristic feature of life that reduces the development of health issues.

Health issues depend on the ruling of sixth house along with the planetary ruler and ascendant with also the planetary ruler in a nativity. The Sun and Moon placement is also very significant in this phase, so as the situation of Saturn and Mars. The nativity involved must appear as a whole, as this factor when seen in context gives some clue on the disease affecting which part of the body. The health issue settles the unsettling influence of planets on that person containing the area of weakness and developments.

Upon understanding the area of planets and the unsettling influence happened to an individual’s health, Priya Gumber Ji outlines the distinctive birth characteristics and physical state of that person through a horoscope graph that totally guides them to be fit in life. Her counseling and proposal has brought about radiant results which has impacted positively on many a physical condition.

Some greater facts about medical astrology are that it enables to work better when the diseases or accidental injuries, or other health problems occurs. This is very useful, as it then gives reassurance to those sufferers going through this stage.