Health astrology and wellbeing

Health astrology also known as medical astrology has been used since ancient times to do health risk prediction and give solutions to many of these problems. Planetary powers determine your health conditions and an obstructed planet can lead to health issues whereby cause the disease associated to its own nature, and with the exhibit characteristics through the Zodiac sign the planet is in, usually influences the body part ruled by that Zodiac sign. Your health problem will be have particular prominent features and apparent in the motions of the planets is houses, and this indicates the planet causing trouble is seen in the  planetary aspects on other planets using  those of your birth chart or astrology report of planets in the sky they form aspects to chart. Each of the planets and the signs rules certain areas of the body react under the influence of rulership. Health is wealth and plays a prime role in our overall wellbeing and astrology can aid understand how each Sun sign and your rising sign is controlling the different parts of human anatomy and so accurately examines the effects of various aspects related to health and the missing one. Some diseases are likely to have because they are determined by our genes. By gaining gain insights into it we can achieve the best knowledge of astrology to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being and reduce the impact of bad health habits and life choices.

health and wellbeing

Health astrology can help you to find out the timings for disease control, unintentional injuries or other health related issues earlier. It also let us aware of the estimated average duration of the sickness. With the growing understanding and concern with regard to health problems, most people are taking interest in medical astrology to take precautions and seek proper advice of their health. Eventually, this astrology acts as a good tool via which an accomplished astrologer can foresee future correctly and calculate the possible disease that one may be going through or probable to bear in the nearby future. Though, an astrologer may more may not foretell the precise about disease, but can absolutely tell that particular part of your body, which is going to give you pain out of you. After examining the correct and detailed recordings of stars and planets in a person’s natal chart, a medical astrologer predicts bodily areas, which are expected to have trouble within a short time. An astrologer can also provide remedies and solutions to negate or decrease the bad planetary effects on your physical as well as mental health.

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