Bed Wetting Problem in Children

Bed wetting problem is common in kids, generally these issue arises in any small age of children’s. Certain children takes long  time to learned good manners by the age or others in two to four years easily gain etiquettes’ in less time. If a child continuously wet his or her bed by their age, so there is actually problem in his or her urinary system. There is not a proof that type of problem occurs in boy or girl because it could not be difference between in male or female according to bed wetting problem. Many children have been suffered from mentally or physical constitution, such type of kid is called sticky child. In some situations, kids stop wetting their beds at exact time or in perfect age but after longer period it may starts to do again. It occurs if child bears such type of problem stress, depression etc in their life. Bad wetting is considered as a habit disorder. Actually parents wake up at mid night to check on the baby or may be to irritate or disturb his sleep to ensure while he wants to go to urinate. If he wets his bed, parents frequently change or wash the sheets and air the room.

bed-witting-problemsBed wetting is also called Enuresis that occur cause of trauma, disturbance and pain etc. Enuresis refers to a repeated inability to control urination that diversely affects the life of the child. Enuresis is divided into two categories Primary Enuresis and Secondary Enuresis. The child who has been properly trained to control urination that effected under Primary enuresis or this problem represents an obsession. In Secondary enuresis, a child who has been accurately trained but reverts to wetting in a response to some sort of stressful situation or this problem represents a regression. Some children’s bodies generate excess urine while they are sleeping that means their body does not make ant diuretic hormones.

We think for this problem it is right to going to a doctor or take a treatment which is a good job. Sometimes doctors are not able to find out a particular origin for this crisis. But some problems have answers always exist in astrology, which do not have answers in reality. The main cause of bed wetting is the bad positions of planets in the birth chart of the child. In Vedic astrology, there are powerful remedies are available to solve these kinds of problems. If your child suffers from bed wetting problem, or you are in depression or in stress, there is a no shame to telling to solve their problems. The pleasant nature of Ms. Priya Gumber ji you will be feeling comfortable while telling your situation. She is experience astrologer in Ludhiana, tries to bring positively for every situation. No matter how the problem is huge difficult, she provides better solutions of every problem and her results always come in great destiny.

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