Astrology in share market

Astrology is co related with stocks. With the deeper insight of the financial market astrology practice, location and movements of the sun, planets and stars in the universe are studied to track stock prices. Significant transiting of Planets help predict, affect the notable changes on Share Market.  Each and every planet rules on a particular stock. Modern astrologers believe that archetypal dynamics associated with involved transiting planets in a natal chart are both distinctive in human affairs and dualistic in nature. This astrological analysis of a stock-chart can provide helpful understanding about the performance of a stock for future results, and should be used together with the fundamental and technical analysis. Stock market is an uncertain business, destiny of people vary in stock market, one can become well off or a broke based on the horoscope, you succeed sometime, you go down the other time this winning and losing are the two sides of the same coin. Predictions of Stock market through astrology in which horoscope casting for particular stock is used to analyze investments and the result can be ascertaining for profit or loss.

stock market astrology

Priya Gumber Ji is a prominent Stock market Astrologer in Ludhiana has experience of more than 12 years in the field of astrology has been influenced by accurate predictions and result-oriented astro-remedies. The share market predictor, always had been saying correct in these big issues where the huge money is involved with associated much risk may be broken off. Once the influencing factors are recognized, they may be applied to the trend of Future fluctuation in the stock market. It is also because of the planetary interactive influences on the idea of collective intelligence of investors, which in turn results the share prices to go up or down. The phases of the moon do affect humans powerfully on mass mood. Astrological principles are perhaps the only way capable of forecast a stock’s true priced movement and trends. Of some of the most interesting little known things, a fact is that a number of top brokerage analysts regularly make use of the services of astrologers in financial markets to augment their foresee ability.

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