Astro predictions and solutions for bad planetary effects

In today’s complex life everyone has to suffer certain circumstances whether it is in love, work or family life. Every person wants to get rid of these troubles but sometimes it is so complicated to get the things right. So, how a person can find the solutions to these problems? When nothing works, the only best answer of this question is astrology that would definitely help you in positive ways.

Astrology is a primordial system which takes into consideration movements and relative positions of the planets to drive information about human affairs. It helps to find out what is happening in your life or what are the other things that would take place in your future, warn you for upcoming events and assist how to take advantage of them before they fade away. A person will be able to easily understand their relationships with supervisor, parents, children, friends and relatives. Astrology birth chart, natal chart where all planets travel around the sun helps know strengths and weakness, opportunity and best timing period of the person. It also facilitates to find exact timing for performing particular event which is necessary in your life. Moreover, a birth chart contain more than adequate combinations to describe situations in your life. When person can suffer hard time hence astrology is the medium which gives a right way to solve their issues.

astrologyVastu Shastra

Vastu shastra and astrology have a great significance in our life which gives perfect direction for individual development as well as their relations improvement. Vastu is like a remedy to solve the issue or provide right direction in your life. The goal of vastu creates equilibrium via balancing the different elements of nature and using them for the benefit of human being. While selling a land, making a building, flat, office, we believe in ‘Muhurat’ (consider the perfect time to start a work), timing to start a construction of educational and religious buildings. All things also depend on the horoscope of vendor of land and building. All information we get from the astrology which will be accommodating for peaceful, happy, healthy and wealthy life.


Foreign travel

There are times when every student has at least one vision to get foreign education but they are not sure about their dream. Nowadays, everyone wants to go abroad for study, business purpose and to make new international relationships for grow their business. Many people gets the opportunity easily studying out there or settle down or others cannot go abroad because of some issues like money, family disputes, health, time etc arises in their life. Unfortunately, while other people believe they are unlucky or can’t go foreign ever. Well people do not need to worry related to foreign travel because astrology will help to solve these issues. In Vedic astrology, Rahu is also called “foreign planet” or 7th, 9th, 10th, 12th houses play a very important role for foreign countries. If these four houses are connected and rahu is also creates a connection with this yoga then this yog make a rahu mahadasha. This yog will help the people to travel foreign countries.

study abroad

Manglik Dosh

If a partner is affected from married life due to unacceptable behavior of the partner or bad relation with family members then it is not believable but a lot of people consider these troubles occur while manglik dosh appears in kundli.  Manglik dosh has frequently grown when Mars planet exists in 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th houses of person’s horoscope.

Health Astro

Healthy health is primary important for all of us. In earliest times, people used to read the charts to find out why someone suffered from health problems and what could be done for it. But now days, science has progressed in the development of health treatments. In Today’s life everyone suffers from various types of health problems they take proper treatment form the specialist surgeon. But sometime doctors may not be aware of the health problem or anytime medicines cannot work properly because of some another reasons that astrology can understand. Some things which are not known to doctors can be discovered by the help of astrology. Health astrology will always give answer of any kind of health issue since the various parts of human body are associated with different astrological signs, planets and the horoscopes. The human body is divided into 12 parts; each part is represented by 12 zodiac sign that starts from top of the body to bottom. In health astrology 12 zodiac signs are represented to health problems. The occurrence of these signs in various houses in a variety of planetary positions concludes the nature of the health as per the person’s horoscope. Like the 1st house is responsible for overall health and 6th house is accountable for any disease in one’s birth chart. The houses are also used to find the cruelty of the sickness, remedy and the assumption of the problem.

health astroBlack magic

Black magic is one of the faster and stronger that why is called dark magic or Kaala Jaadu. It also uses the supernatural powers or magic to block certain person’s life. The world is growing too much faster so today’s youngest people do not believe in these things. Some persons suffer from heaviness in heart, sleeping problems and feels that somebody is invisibly present. It starts scattering like a contagious disease, affecting the person’s mind, brain, body, relationships, attitudes, work, money, marriage, career and everything in life. Black magic is also effect the future prospectus of the person. Black Magic is play with the life of the target person by destroying their life may it be career, prosperity, creating family problems or gratuitous tensions, creating health problems, destroying mental peace and even cause unnatural deaths in intense circumstances. If any person suffers from these circumstances then do not need worry about from now as astrology is a big solution to solve these types of all problems. It has provides to people strong remedies to get rid from black magic problems and again lives their life with happiness. Mrs. Priya Gumber ji is Famous Astrologer in Ludhiana which acquires so much power by her great experience in Vedic astrological methods and gets solutions for different kinds of problems to help those peoples who are really in trouble.


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