Astrology in share market

Astrology is co related with stocks. With the deeper insight of the financial market astrology practice, location and movements of the sun, planets and stars in the universe are studied to track stock prices. Significant transiting of Planets help predict, affect the notable changes on Share Market.  Each and every planet rules on a particular stock. … Continue reading Astrology in share market

Health astrology and wellbeing

Health astrology also known as medical astrology has been used since ancient times to do health risk prediction and give solutions to many of these problems. Planetary powers determine your health conditions and an obstructed planet can lead to health issues whereby cause the disease associated to its own nature, and with the exhibit characteristics … Continue reading Health astrology and wellbeing

Horoscope Matching: Serious about Finding a Suitable Life Partner

Astrology is about belief systems which consist of zodiac, planets, asterisms, the rising stars, planets, yogas, dasas, gemstones and their effects on life along with other transits. Vedic Astrology is an admirable proven mean of matching the horoscopes (guna milap) in consideration with lunar constellations, called Ashtakoot milan. This compatibility matching system allocates points of … Continue reading Horoscope Matching: Serious about Finding a Suitable Life Partner